Healthy mind, body and spirit

1 meditation at meditation we did quiet and calming meditation.
I wonder if you can meditation in the swimming pool.
2 fitness is about being healthy and eating healthy food.
3 brain we looked at illusions, like a dot and the purple around it disappeared.

My BIG Question: how can I keep my body fit?

1- Develop the right attitude.
We need to have a positive attitude and practise being fit every day.

2- Keep track of your progress and be proud of minor improvements.

3- Create a reward system for yourself. Set a goal for yourself and then decide upon a reward for yourself.

4- Get someone else to get fit with you because so you can help each other.

What are the right foods to eat?

We should eat grains, fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products.

What should we drink?
We should drink 1 to 2 litres of water every day (8 cups).

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  1. Dear Jack,

    You have completed excellent work on this page. You have chosen an interesting question about how do we keep our body fit. I look forward to you sharing your work at the expo.
    Keep up your great work
    From Fiona

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