Sheep and Lion get some Water

One day sheep and lion went down to the river to get some water but they found that the water was all gone.

Then lion said, ‘ I will  start digging for you my friend’ .

Lion began digging and digging and digging but lion couldn’t find any water so both of them started searching for more rivers.

Suddenly sheep and lion found a river with little water in it. They did not like the  river but when they tasted the water it was very sweet.

Moral: Friends should always help one another


two stars and a wish, Kurt

Star: setting is described

Star:  the character5s are described as well as drawn

Wish: Needs more detail in all aspects of the story.

the adventure of smago and willhcraft and dinomastud

one day  smago and willhcraft and dinomastud went on a journey to find fionalox so they search for fionalox said smago so they went on a journey so they fand a path and they followed the path and they found the end of the path so they capt wockig so they found a car so they grofte dinomastud said yar shor said smago and willhceaft so they grofe until they found a hounes and they found food and drinks then they found fionalox next to a box so willhcraft and smago so they give fionalox some food and drinks so went home and they want to have dener then they went to bad in the moning they hand brefst then they went to the shops they bont los of food and it cost 150$ to buy so they buy this so they went home then wen it was lunch they hand fish and chips wif chekinsont and